NEW Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion

14364742_1311181335589443_5172273162284765253_nCyanide did the unthinkable, defeating “Youngblood” Cody Blyade to become the new Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion at Riot Act!

This is Cyanide’s first reign with the PPW Cruiserweight Championship, and first overall title reign.

With “Blackheart” Vinnie Valentine earning his title of manager of Champions, is there anyone who can stop this duo and take the belt from Cyanide?


For the first time ever, Pure Power Wrestling comes to Taber!

For the first time ever, the stars of Pure Power Wrestling invade Taber LIVE at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 20 Taber!

Don’t miss out when The Primate Silverback, Kyle Sebastian “The Future Legend”, Sydney Steele, Masked Superstar Cyanide, Vinnie Valentine,Bulldog Macbain, PPW Heavyweight Champion Massive Damage “The Tattooed Terminator” and more take over Taber.

Pure Power Wrestling is proud to bring the best in family-friendly pro wrestling action to Southern Alberta.

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The Rematch is On!


The longest-reigning Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion in history, Chris Perish, looks to regain the gold that he lost to Youngblood Cody Blayde in July’s high-flying ladder match! This time, Perish will lock up with Blayde one-on-one.
Coming off of his unprecedented Cruiserweight title reign, both PPW Commissioner The Gothic Knight and PPW Owner Little Brother MacBain are in a rare moment of agreement that Perish is more than deserving of his one-on-one rematch.
Perish and Blayde will have no love lost in this highly-anticipated Championship match.
Can Chris Perish cut Blayde’s reigns short and regain the title that he believes is rightfully his, or will Blayde prove that he is here to stay?
Find out LIVE Saturday, August 20 at the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: Heatwave!

New PPW Cruiserweight Champion Crowned!

“Youngblood” Cody Blayde defeated champion Chris Perish, Sydney Steele and Kato on a 4-way ladder match on Saturday, July 16 to become the new Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion!

Blayde climbed the ladder after toppling Perish and retrieved the belt to become Champion.

This is Cody Blayde’s first PPW Cruiserweight Championship reign, and his first overall professional wrestling championship.

Cody Blayde and mentor Massive Damage; the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Champions

Meniac faces off against debuting star!


A new star will make his debut at Danger Zone but he’s got one hell of a fight ahead of him!

Young high flyer Kid Cyrus will have his first match in PPW, but his first opponent will be Meniac.

Meniac, the former Monster Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and a member of the One World Empire has both the size and experience advantage, having faced off with and beaten some of the top talent across Western Canada.

Kid Cyrus like to display a fast-paced, high risk style putting his body on the line to put down his opponents. With only a few matches under his belt, he is looking for the major upset to start off his PPW tenure with a bang.

Who will come out on top with this clash of styles?

Find out LIVE Saturday, July 16 at the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: Danger Zone!

Tickets are still available at King of Trade and!