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Buy your tickets to No Guts! No Glory!, as PPW returns LIVE Saturday, May 20!

Pure Power Wrestling returns to Lethbride LIVE Saturday, May 20 with NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

Headline Shaun Martens made his presence felt following Anniversary Extravaganza’s triple threat Heavyweight Championship match, costing The Irishman the PPW Title and attacking Massive Damage “The Tattooed Terminator”.

Showing his allegiance to Chris Perish and The Struggl3, Martens immediately positioned himself as a threat to Massive Damage and the PPW Title.

Also at Anniversary Extravaganza, The Trump Foundation, The Struggle andSteve Rivers – The All American assaulted Kid cyrus following his match with Rivers.

With Perish and Rivers attempting to pull off Cyrus’s mask and reveal his identity to the PPW, Kato – The Asian Adonis made the save. With the show of respect between Kato and Cyrus, the duo stood tall.

Following a brutal brawl between Sydney Steele and Bradley Graham the Big Sexy Beast, fans will finally see the Monster Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships on the line as the Adult Social Society clashes with The Shark Club in what promises to be an off the charts main event!

Don’t miss out on this and more as PPW returns to Lethbridge with NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

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Who won the Power Rumble?

Power Rumble Winner Revealed

Did you tune in to PowerSlam TV last night on Shaw TV Lethbridge for the POWER RUMBLE?

WHO is the rightful winner? Is it Chris Perish or The Irishman moving on to the main event at Anniversary Extravaganza VI on April 22!? Bulldog Macbain has the answer NOW!

Posted by Pure Power Wrestling on Saturday, March 25, 2017

PPW Champions


“The Heat” Travis Copeland Returns to PPW!

And your winner of the 2016 Gauntlet for the Gold is…

Who is the rightful PPW Heavyweight Champion?

15050012_1151298084957992_31840800_nAt Knightmare Before Halloween, “The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage squared off with “The All-American” Steve Rivers as his mystery opponent for the PPW Heavywight Championship.

During the match, the referee was mistakenly annihilated by Rivers. With no referee to call for the bell, Massive Damage tapped out to Rivers’ crossface, after which he pinned Rivers off of a huge spear.
Following a German suplex off of the top rope that saw both men’s shoulders down, the PPW Heavyweight Championship was held up!

Who is the rightful PPW Heavyweight Champion? Hopefully this question will be answered when they go one-on-one at Pure Power Wrestling Night 2 Remember Saturday, November 19 at the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge.15045611_1151297288291405_1352237588_n