Are you ready for wrestling?

By: Lindsay Gross

Between the sweat and the fury, the rage and the intensity, Ed Gatzky, better known by his wrestling stage name, The Gothic Knight, proves that wrestling can be about more than just tackling and attacking. It can also be an event of charity.

Gatzky, the six foot five, three hundred pound professional wrestler who currently resides in Lethbridge but owns a house in Bellevue, has been a wrestler for 17 years to date and manages a business called Pure Power Wrestling, a company that hosts family-friendly wrestling events, many of which are charity shows around Southern Alberta.
Gatzky was born in Edmonton but was raised in Bellevue. “I was always proud to be from this town,” Gatzky said. The house he has in Bellevue is beside the house in which he was raised. “This place is amazing. “

Gatzky moved back to Edmonton following his graduation from Crowsnest Consolidated High School and graduated from the dietetics program at NAIT Polytechnic.

Gatzky first made his name famous after he worked as Bret Hart’s body guard at a Hitman event. He then began wrestling in Lethbridge and the name Gothic Knight was born.

“The name stands for honour and integrity,” Gatzky said.

He toured countries like Germany, United States, Australia, and has wrestled around and across Canada, headlining at shows in Toronto and Southern Alberta.

A few years ago, Gatzky created an organization called Pure Power Wrestling, an association that hosts family friendly wrestling events, often having a goal to raise money or collect food for charity.

Gatzky said that the success of Pure Power Wrestling is based around three major pillars: talent, family friendly standards and charity goals.

“Charity is an important aspect of Pure Power Wrestling,” Gatzky said. “We try to give back to the community in as many ways as we can. When you give back, people embrace it.”

Pure Power Wrestling has helped many different organizations through charity, some being the Canadian Cancer Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and STARS Air Ambulance.

“Pure Power has phenomenal momentum right now,” he said. He explained that unlike other wrestling events, and many wrestling events stereotyped by society, Pure Power Wrestling hosts events that are not filled with nudity, violence or profanity.

The shows are kept appropriate to the audience watching and are suitable for people of all ages.

The Gothic Knight will be headlining at an event at McEachern Community Centre during Bellecrest on June 15th