STROKE ME! “Cougar Meat” Kyle Sebastian in action LIVE this Saturday!

SebastianFor the first time in over three years, “Cougar Meat” Kyle Sebastian steps into a PPW ring in Lethbridge for singles action at Danger Zone!

After making a surprise return to PPW just three weeks ago, interrupting The Killer Bee and leaving him laid out, Sebastian proceeded to run down the PPW roster, and his home town of Lethbridge, and declare that it’s time PPW had a face lift.

Now, Sebastian looks to put his money where his mouth is and start his PPW run with a W. Whomever PPW management will pick as Sebastian’s first opponent is unknown at this point, but what is clear is the Kyle Sebastian will have two words for them: Stroke Me!

Don’t miss out! Be there LIVE Saturday, July 16 at the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: Danger Zone!

Tickets are still available at King of Trade and!