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Doors open: 6:30 p.m. Bell time: 7:00 p.m.

Gauntlet for the Gold

The first wrestler has been announced in Pure Power Wrestling’s 2015 GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD!

The Primate Silverback is the first competitor named for PPW’s biggest Gauntlet for the Gold match yet to crown the new Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

The 300-lb brute has been a force in Pure Power Wrestling from day one, using his raw power to dominate opponents.

Recently, The Silverback has stood against the One World Empire and, unfortunately, the constant number advantage seemed to be too much for him to overcome.

Silverback is no stranger to the Gauntlet for the Gold, winning the 2014 edition. Now, he hopes to take that experience and turn it in to his first ever championship reign in professional wrestling: the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Can “The Primate” overcome four other men in a gauntlet-style match to capture the Championship? Find out LIVE this Saturday at the Boys and Girls Club of Lethbridge when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD!

Tickets are still available at King Of Trade / Serious Music Centre (Lethbridge)Holiday Bowl and online!

“The All American” Steve Rivers to debut in Pure Power Wrestling

“The All American” Steve Rivers

Pure Power Wrestling is proud to announce that making his debut at Pure Power Wrestling Presents: GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD will be 23 year professional wrestling veteran “The All American” Steve Rivers!

A fixture in western Canadian wrestling since 1992, “The All American” has wrestled worldwide and captured countless championships.

Rivers will, no doubt, be looking to make in impact in his Pure Power Wrestling debut. A debut that you DO NOT want to miss!


One World Empire Stand Tall!


The One World Empire standing tall over a prone Bulldog MacBain. Photo credit: Mick Johnson.

At A Night to Remember, Rick Jules and Chris Perish defeated Bulldog MacBain and The Silverback after Sydney Steele appeared from underneath the ring to hit MacBain with a baseball bat behind the referee’s back.

As a result, the newly-created One World Empire, or OWE, won guaranteed no-cut contracts with PPW, essentially making them untouchable.

However, Massive Damage and Jack Hammer, The Tattooed Terminators, made their presence felt stepping out from the locker room and staring down OWE, making it clear that if they are going to take over PPW, they’ll have to go through the Terminators to do so.

A Night to Remember Results

Saturday, November 29, 2014

-Kato (w. Vinnie Valentine) d. The Great Ramses

  • Kato won the match via interference from Vinnie Valentine
  • Following the match, Deathwish challenged Kato and Valentine to a tag team match.

-“The Tattooed Terminator” Jack Hammer d. Weird Johnny

  • Bulldog MacBain conducted an interview with Jack Hammer prior to the match that was interrupted by Weird Johnny
  • Jack Hammer pinned Weird Johnny

-The Great Ramses & Deathwish d. Kato & Vinnie Valentine

  • Ramses and Deathwish pinned Valentine

-“The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage d. Sydney Steele in a No Holds Barred Match

  • Damage pinned Steele following a Damage Driver on a steel chair

-Chris Perish & Rick Jules (w. Shane Williams) d. The Silverback and Bulldog MacBain

  • Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman was on hand to make sure that the stipulation stating that should Silverback and MacBain win, Perish, Jules, Steele and Williams would be banned from Lethbridge would be upheld.
  • Bulldog MacBain named himself Silverback’s partner following an unexpected injury to Irishman
  • Perish and Jules won the match when Sydney Steele appeared from under the ring with a baseball bat and attacked MacBain behind the referee’s back

Knightmare Before Halloween IV: Night of the Living Legends Results

Saturday, October 25, 2014

-Massive Damage d. Sydney Steele

  • After they cost him a Championship match at Rise of an Empire, Massive Damage was given the opportunity to face either Sydney Steele, Chris Perish or Rick Jules one-on-one. Damage selected Steele.
  • Stampede Wrestling legend Leo Burke was in the corner of Massive Damage
  • Massive damage defeated Sydney Steele with the Terminator Driver

-Deathwish d. Kato (c) (w/ Vinnie Valentine) by count out for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Following the Final Sin by Deathwish, Vinnie Valentine pulled Kato to safety and they retreated from the ring.
  • As a championship cannot change hands via count out, Kato retains the Cruiserweight Champioship

-Sin City Strangler d. The Great Ramses in a Casket Match

  • Strangler won after locking Ramses inside of a casket

-Chris Perish, Rick Jules & Sydney Steele d. Silverback, Irishman & Massive Damage

  • Silverback and Irishman challenged Jules and Perish to a match, however Sydney Steele interfered and attempted to attack Irishman with a baseball bat
  • Massive Damage evened the odds and the match was officially changed to a six-man tag team match
  • Stampede Wrestling legend Leo Burke was in the corner of Massive Damage, Irishman and Silverback
  • Sydney Steele pinned Massive Damage after using brass knuckles behind the referee’s back
  • After the match, Leo Burke locked Shane Williams in the sleeper hold.

-The Gothic Knight (c) d. Bobby Sharp for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

  • Stampede Wrestling legend The Cuban Assassin served as the special guest referee for the main event
  • Stampede Wrestling legent Leo Burke served as the special guest time keeper for the main event
  • After Bobby Sharp used a low blow on The Gothic Knight, Cuban Assassin attacked Sharp, Leo Burke locked him in the sleeper hold and Gothic Knight pinned Sharp with the Knightfall.

Don’t miss as Pure Power Wrestling returns to the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge on Nov. 29 with A Night To Remember featuring Sydney Steele vs Massive Damage in a No Holds Barred match and Silverback & Irishman vs Chris Perish & Rick Jules one final time. If Silverback & Irishman win, Sydney Steele, Chris Perish, Rick Jules and Shane Williams are banned from Lethbridge forever; however if Perish and Jules win, the four receive no-cut contracts from Pure Power Wrestling and cannot be fired.