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Purchase your tickets to Pure Power Wrestling Presents: The Last Stand live at the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge on Saturday, Feb. 20.

With the new PPW Heavyweight Champion Bulldog MacBain joining the One World Empire and stabbing his friend The Irishman, what will happen when the stars of Pure Power Wrestling are under the same roof again one month from Pure Power Wrestling’s five year anniversary?

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Doors open: 6:30 p.m. Bell time: 7:00 p.m.

Tickets to Pure Power Wrestling: The Last Stand

The New Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

20160116_212811_HDRBulldog Macbain has stabbed his friend and partner The Irishman in the back, joined One World Empire and become the new Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

With that move, O.W.E. has taken control of every Championship in PPW, and has the company’s owner in their back pocket.

A distraught The Gothic Knight watched in disgust at the conclusion of Gauntlet for the Gold as O.W.E. stood over a fallen Irishman, vowing to do everything in his power to stop them.

With Knight on the sidelines in retirement, what could he possibly have in mind to stop O.W.E.? What will the enraged Irishman do when he is in the same building as MacBain, and will even the entire Empire be able to stop him? And what will the returning Massive Damage “The Tattooed Terminator” have in store for the new Champion after being mysteriously pulled from the Gauntlet for the Gold?

Find out LIVE Saturday, February 20 when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: The Last Stand!

Tickets are available now at King Of Trade / Serious Music Centre (Lethbridge), Holiday Bowl or online at!


First entrant in the 2016 Gauntlet for the Gold Announced!


The 2016 Gauntlet for the Gold will have huge implications as the annual five-man event will crown the next Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!
The first entrant announced for the Gauntlet is the former Champion and two-time GFTG winner: The Primate Silverback!
Silverback held the Championship from June until October after defeating “The All American” Steve Rivers in an exciting Flag Match. However, he was bested by his friend and mentor The Gothic Knight in Knight’s retirement match at Knightmare Before Halloween V.
Now, “The Primate” wants his title back and will go through four other men to get it!
Can Silverback three-peat in the Gauntlet match and go home with the gold? Find out LIVE Saturday, January 16 when Pure Power Wrestling Presents: GAUNTLET FOR THE GOLD!
Tickets are on sale now at King Of Trade / Serious Music Centre (Lethbridge) and online at Get yours as the perfect stocking stuffer for the wrestling fan in the family!

One year in the making!

Relive the epic main event from Knightmare Before Halloween: CAGED!

It’s Lethbridge’s first ever steel cage match, and two of the province’s toughest competitors, Massive Damage “The Tattooed Terminator” andSydney Steele, hope to finally put an end to their rivalry.

While Massive Damage looks to inflict…well, massive damage on his opponent, the leader of the One World Empire hopes he’ll have the advantage in this “Steele” environment.

What’s next for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship?

Photo credit: Peggy Lumley

Photo credit: Peggy Lumley

At Knightmare Before Halloween V, The Gothic Knight capped off a 20-year career by successfully capturing the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship from “The Primate” Silverback.

With the Champion retired, what is in store for the PPW Championship? Will a new Champion be crowned, and who will step up to take the challenge?

Don’t miss out on the answers to these questions, and more, when Pure Power Wrestling returns to Lethbridge Saturday, Nov. 21 with Night to Remember.

BREAKING: The Gothic Knight announces final match

KnightTwenty years since first stepping in to a professional wrestling ring, PPW star The Gothic Knight has announced his retirement.

His final match will take place Saturday, Oct. 24 at KNIGHTMARE BEFORE HALLOWEEN V as he takes on his student The Primate Silverback one more time.

Will the Knight reign supreme one last time, or will The Silverback conquer his teacher in their final encounter.

Tickets for Knightmare Before Halloween V go on sale starting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, at King Of Trade / Serious Music Centre (Lethbridge) and online at