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The Gothic Knight Injured! (WARNING: Graphic Photo)

Pure Power Wrestling has learned that The Gothic Knight suffered a torn biceps in his victory over Kato at Heatwave.

How will this affect Knight’s match against Vinnie Valentine at Set It Off and will he miss any time?

Check back with for updates as they become available.

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Pure Power Wrestling Presents: Heatwave Results

Saturday, July 26, 2014

-Kat Von Heez (c) d. The Great Ramses by pinfall for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Von Heez successfully defended the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship
  • Von Heez defeated The Great Ramses with the double undertook facebuster

-Bulldog MacBain  introduced the newest MacBain Brother

  • MacBain introduced the Sin City Strangler, the latest addition to the MacBain Clan.

-Sin City Strangler d. The Killer Bee

  • Sin City Strangler dominated the match and defeated The Killer Bee with the chokeslam

-The Gothic Knight d. Kato

  • Knight defeated Kato with the Knightfall
  • By winning the match, Knight has earned five minutes in the ring with Vinnie Valentine

-“The Primate” Silverback d. Brett Morgan

  • Chris Perish who had purchased a ticket was at ringside
  • Brett Morgan made his Pure Power Wrestling debut
  • Silverback defeated Morgan with Jungle Fever
  • Following the match, Silverback gave an impassioned interview stating that he had not forgotten that Bobby Sharp had cheated him out of his guaranteed championship match and that Sharp had better watch his back if he’s successful in redeeming his championship match because Silverback will be coming for him!
  • Silverback and Perish exchanged words resulting in a shoving match which was broken up by Shane Williams who lead Perish away hoping to “talk business”.

-The Irishman d. Sydney Steele by disqualification

  • Irishman defeated Steele by disqualification when Chris Perish interfered on behalf of Steele.
  • Silverback came to Irishman’s defence.
  • Perish and Steele challenged Irishman and Silverback to a tag team streetfight at Set It Off which they accepted, however PPW commissioner John Kobal refused to sanction the match as Chris Perish is not a member of the Pure Power Wrestling roster. Therefore, Sydney Steele & Chris Perish vs Irishman & The Silverback at Set It Off will be an unsanctioned streetfight!
  • Steele, Perish and Shane Williams left together through the front door, presumably leaving the premises.

-“The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage d. Bulldog MacBain (c) by count-out for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

  • Massive Damage was declared the winner however, as a championship cannot change hands as a result of a count-out, Bulldog MacBain is still the reigning Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.
  • As Bulldog attempted to escape, the entire locker room emptied, preventing him from leaving and forcing him back into the ring where he was hit with a spear by Massive Damage as the Irishman counted the symbolic three count.
  • Massive Damage made the challenge for Set It Off for one last championship match. Massive Damage and Bulldog MacBain will face off in a lumberjack match with the ring surrounded by Pure Power Wrestling stars.
  • If Massive Damage loses, he has agreed that he will never receive another Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship match.

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Pure Power Wrestling Presents: Danger Zone Results

Saturday, June 21, 2014

-Sydney Steele defeated The Killer Bee by pinfall

  • Sydney Steele defeated The Killer Bee with New Scotland Blues

-Raunchy Jules walked out on The Crypt

  • Deathwish held a live, in-ring edition of his hit radio show The Crypt (which airs every Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. on 88.3 CKXU Lethbridge) featuring an interview with Raunchy Jules.
  • Raunchy Jules ran down Commissioner Kobal for not giving him a match following his 90-day suspension and left before the interview could begin.

-Bobby Sharp defeated Thundercloud Odjig by pinfall

  • Star of AMC’s Hell on Wheels and accomplished professional wrestler based in Toronto, Ontario’s Victory Commonwealth Wrestling, Thundercloud Odjig was in the audience, enjoying the action at Danger Zone.
  • Odjig took exception to disparaging comments made by Sharp.
  • Bobby Sharp defeated Thundercloud Odjig with the Black Hole Slam

-Kato defeated Deathwish by pinfall

  • Before the match, Vinnie Valentine asked The Gothic Knight to the ring in order to clear the air. He asked for Knight’s forgiveness after their miscommunication at No Guts, No Glory.
  • The Gothic Knight and Vinnie Valentine made up and agreed to resume their business relationship.
  • Kato defeated Deathwish due to interference from Vinnie Valentine and with his feet on the ropes.
  • The Silverback came to the ring in order to even the odds, only to be stopped from attacking Vinnie Valentine by Gothic Knight.

-Silverback & Deathwish defeated The Gothic Knight and Kato by pinfall

  • Following the events of the previous match, commissioner John Kobal made an impromptu tag team match.
  • The Silverback defeated The Gothic Knight with Jungle Fever after Vinnie Valentine hit him with a low blow.
  • After the match, Kato and Vinnie Valentine assaulted The Gothic Knight, ending their partnership permanently after fooling him into accepting their apology earlier in the evening.

-The Great Ramses defeated Kat Von Heez (c) for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Kat Von Heez came to the ring and informed fans that the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship belt had mysteriously vanished from her bag after she arrived at the building that evening. Fans assumed that the culprit was Sydney Steele however a follow-up interview has since confirmed that he is not in possession of the belt.
  • Ramses defeated Von Heez using a foreign object indie of a gift box which was not in keeping with his usual personality.
  • Following the match, Ocho Muerte and a wrestler with a towel over his face and without his gear came to the ring and revealed a message on the gift box: “With love, Meniac M.D.”
  • Inside the gift box was “the jules” and after cornering “Ramsey Jules” Von Heez, Ocho Muerte and the real Great Ramses cornered the impostor revealing him to be Raunchy Jules!
  • Commissioner Kobal returned the PPW Cruiserweight Championship to Kat Von Heez and terminated Raunchy Jules for assaulting and impersonating the number one contender.
  • With the mask back on the true Great Ramses, the Weapons of Masked Seduction danced for the fans.

-Bulldog MacBain (c) vs Massive Damage for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship ended in a no-contest.

  • The MacBain Brothers’ HUGE surprise was their long, lost MacBain brother. At seven feet tall and nearly 400-lbs, this giant picked up Massive Damage and delivered a humungous chokeslam.
  • Little Brother MacBain symbolically made a three count for Bulldog as the three stood tall in the ring.

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Pure Power Wrestling Presents: No Guts, No Glory Results

Saturday, May 25, 2014

-Deathwish defeated The Killer Bee by pinfall

  • Deathwish defeated The Killer Bee with The Final Sin

-Bulldog MacBain (c) defeated Deathwish for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

  • The winner of Bulldog MacBain’s “Lethal Lottery” was Deathwish
  • Deathwish had to compete immediately following his previous match in order to qualify for the Championship opporutnity
  • Following the match, Commissioner Kobal reversed the rolls, informing MacBain the “Lethal Lottery” was over and that he would have to defend his Championship against a true heavyweight immediately

-The Gothic Knight defeated Bulldog MacBain (c) by disqualification for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

  • Bulldog MacBain retains the Heavyweight Championship as titles cannot change hands as a result of a disqualification
  • Vinnie Valentine attempted to throw chalk into MacBain’s eyes but accidentally hit Knight. The referee saw the interference and called for the disqualification.
  • Following the match, The Gothic Knight attacked Vinnie Valentine

-The Great Ramses defeated Meniac M.D. to become number one contender for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Ramses defeated Meniac with the Acid Drop
  • After the match Meniac attacked Ramses until his partner Ocho Muerte made the save

-Kat Von Heez (c) defeated Sydney Steele for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Steele had initially stolen the title belt from Von Heez at April’s Winner Takes All Event
  • Von Heez defeated Steele with a butterfly driver

-Bobby Sharp defeated “The Primate” Silverback for the Gauntlet for the Gold guaranteed Heavyweight Championship match

  • The match was contested with no disqualifications and no count-outs.
  • Bobby Sharp won with interference by Bulldog MacBain
  • Bobby Sharp now has a guaranteed Heavyweight Championship match to be used at any time and any place of his choosing.

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