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Doors open: 6:30 p.m. Bell time: 7:00 p.m.

The NEW Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion

Congratulations to Deathwish on becoming the new Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion. The PPW Cruiserweight Championship marks the first wrestling championship for Deathwish.

Deathwish has vowed to be a fighting champion and take on all challengers.

Waiting in the wings is number on contender Chris Perish who has stated that he will take his opportunity to become champion when he is ready, not alluding to exactly when that might be.

Anniversary Extravaganza IV — April 18, 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

-Deathwish d. Kato (c) for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

  • Kato sent his manager Vinnie Valentine to the back
  • New PPW Cruiserweight Champion: Deathwish

-“The Primate” Silverback d. Sydney Steele

-“The Tattooed Terminator” Massive Damage d. Dean Richtor

-The Gothic Knight d. The Sin City Strangler w/ Vinnie Valentine by disqualification

  • With Little Brother MacBain away on business, he requested that for one night only Vinnie Valentine accompany the Sin City Strangler to ringside

-“The All-American” Steve Rivers (c) d. “The Tattooed Terminator” Jack Hammer for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

-Chris Perish d. Rick Jules, El Diablo and “Wildcard” J.J. Spade to become the Number One Contender for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.

The Last Stand — March 21, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

-Deathwish d. Sydney Steele to become number one contender for the Pure Power Wrestling cruiserweight Championship

  • One World Empire was barred from ringside

-Kato (c) w/ Vinnie Valentine d. “Wildcard” J.J. Spade for the Pure Power Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

-The Gothic Knight answered The Sin City Strangler’s Open Challenge which ended in a no contest.

-The Tattooed Terminators d. One World Empire (Chris Perish & Rick Jules) w/ Shane Williams

  • Canadian Olympic boxer Rick Duff made his return to Pure Power Wrestling as the special ringside enforcer and ejected Sydney Steele from ringside

-“The All-American” Steve Rivers d. “The Primate” Silverback (c) for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

heavyweighttitleThe Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Champion The Primate Silverback defends against Steve Rivers – The All American.

The ring veteran Steve Rivers came to Pure Power Wrestling in January with one goal: to become PPW Heavyweight Champion. Rivers won the right to challenge for the championship after defeating Massive Damage “The Tattooed Terminator” at The Warriors (thanks to outside interference from One World Empire).

The relative rookie Silverback won the PPW Heavyweight Championship in the Gauntlet for the Gold, handing Sin City Strangler his first ever loss. This was the culmination of a trying year for Silverback, which featured a victory in the 2014 Gauntlet, only to have his reward – a guaranteed PPW Championship match – stolen from him by Bobby Sharp, who would later redeem it and win the championship.

At THE LAST STAND, these two will square off with the gold on the line! Will Silverback route the crafty veteran and retain his belt, or will the US invader take the championship back across the border?

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Pure Power Wrestling Presents: The Last Stand



The Sin City Strangler, and his handler Little Brother MacBain, have issued an open challenge to any member of the PPW roster to test their mettle against The Strangler at THE LAST STAND!

Since bursting on to the scene with a vengeance, The Sin City Strangler has only incurred a single loss, at the hands of “The Primate” Silverback in the Gauntlet for the Gold and has dominated opponents.

The Strangler had his sights set on ridding Pure Power Wrestling of The Gothic Knight before Knight suffered a serious injury which has left him sidelined since November. However, at The Warriors, Knight made his presence felt, coming to the aid of Tyler James during an assault from The Strangler and Little Brother.

With the enraged Knight still not officially cleared to compete, who will answer Sin City Strangler’s challenge and can they overcome the 7′ tall monster?


Last Wednesday on THE CRYPT on CKXU 88.3 FMSydney Steele crashed the show, barging in to the studio mid-broadcast having been invited by fellow O.W.E member Chris Perish.

After some trash talk, Steele made a challenge to Deathwish (Greg Grimm) to face off once more, this time to determine the number one contender to Kato‘s Pure Power Wrestling Cuiserweight Championship.

Their last singles match, one year ago, was a brutal no disqualification, 2/3 falls encounter that saw Steele align with Shane Williams and piledrive Deathwish, causing him to miss a month of in-ring action.

This time, however, Steele has agreed to have the rest of the One World Empire remain backstage, making this a truly one-on-one match.

Who will become the number one contender, and will Steele make good on his promise to piledrive Deathwish right back out of PPW?


Issues between The Tattooed Terminators and One World Empirehave heated up in recent months!

At The Warriors, Jack Hammer took on Rick Jules and Shane Williams in a handicap match, obliterating Williams with a running powerslam. OWE was forced to carry their manager out in an attempt to regroup…and regroup they did.

In the main event, Massive Damage took on “The All-American” Steve Rivers to determine the number one contender for the Pure Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Just as it looked as though Damage had Rivers right where he wanted, Sydney Steeleintervened, distracting Massive Damage and allowing Rivers to lock him in the crossface and secure the win.

Just as it looked like Damage was about to take his frustrations out on Steele, Chris Perish and Jules struck, assaulting Damage and leaving him laid out with a double team DDT. Jack Hammer attempted the save, but a three-on-one attack was too much to withstand, and he met the same fate.

Now, two angry Terminators look to avenge their embarrassment when they get their hands on Jules and Perish in tag team action!

Have OWE laid yet another trap, or will the irate Tattooed Terminators finally topple the empire?